Welcome to Livewell Southwest Bank

We are excited to launch Bankshare

From now on you can get your first choice of shifts in your preferred location across two neighbouring trusts, as part of Bankshare managed by NHS Professionals.

Which staff groups are included?

Bankshare is currently only applicable to RN00, RN03,CSW00 and CSW03 staff groups. 

Where can you work?

You can pick up additional bank shifts at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

What do you need to do?

Just make sure you're registered with NHS Professionals, we'll do the rest.

The bank offers lots of perks such as:

 • Weekly pay

 • First choice of available shifts

 • Flexible working hours

 • Paid holidays

 • Having a better work – life balance

 • Stakeholder Pension Scheme available


Whatever your availability we value your skills and experience and can provide you with a fantastic opportunity to work with us in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Lisa Pardos

Trust Liaison Coordinator

NHS Professionals Office

Mount Gould Hospital Site
Ground Floor Admin Building, Mount Gould Road, PL4 7QD

0333 014 3739
0333 014 3739
0333 014 3739